Meet the Owner

Van Trinidad

Lucky Vans Tattoo is owned by Van Trinidad, a native San Franciscan who was raised sketching and drawing since a young boy. His passion for art grew during childhood when he would sketch famous superheroes and action figures, from the discarded wrappers of neighborhood kids’ toys.

Van sharpened his art skills at SF’s renowned School of the Arts, famous for its professional art classes and professors. As early as 16 years old, he was tattooing in garages and the streets. Launching his career in 1993, he worked at the only tattoo shop in the Mission during that period of time -- Jerry’s Tattoo.

In 2008, Van opened Lucky Vans Tattoo as a sole proprietor, and showcased his master skills in portraits, black and grey single needle work, traditional Japanese style, islander/Polynesian style, and cosmetic tattoos.

In all, he has 27 years of experience in the trade.

Lucky Vans Tattoo has tattooed all walks of life -- both in laws and outlaws are welcome

Meet Lucky Van's SF Tattoo Artists



Born in SF, Flash has been creating since a young age, where he gained experience in the underground art scenes and graffiti street art. He started his professional tattooing career at Lucky Vans Tattoo and has been a major asset to the tattoo shop.

He brings the graffiti culture into his art work, as well as specializes in black and grey, writing and fonts, traditional, and street styles. He has exhibited such talent, that local music artists have flocked to him to get their personalized artwork done.


Raised in the tattoo culture since the age of 4, Junior has learned the art of tattooing from his father and uncles. Tattooing is in his bloodline since he comes from a long line of talented artists.

His skills have been sharpened and perfected from a young age, and he has added value to both the ways of the old, and helped contribute to ways of new tattooing. He has brought a modern style of art to Lucky Vans Tattoo, and is familiar with all forms of tattoos from Traditional American to new school.


Tattoos have been a part of Yogi’s upbringing, as he was raised in the streets of South San Francisco. A troubled youth, he found his escape from the streets and transferred his pain and energy into compelling tattoo work.

Tattooing has been an outlet for him and has dramatically transformed his life for the better. He started his career at Lucky Vans Tattoo where he has learned and mastered the craft. Yogi specializes in the Chicano culture style of tattoos and is always striving to add new flavors to his style.


A young gun, raised in a family of artists, tattoos and tattooing have naturally been a part of his upbringing. He has exhibited skills in tattooing that surpasses veterans in the trade. He is definitely a talented artist to follow. Justin’s artwork demonstrates clean lines and vivid colors.

Extremely talented with tribal and black and grey work, his tattoos speak for themselves. His clients are always ecstatic and happy with the collection of tattoos they have received from him.