What People Are Saying...

  •   If I can get this please no stars I would but it won't allow me but a couple days ago I went into this place and just for simple tattoo because a lot of people that got tattoos there that I know told me I should go there so I did and and the stencil was nice and everything and I was happy with it the stencil and so right when I get off the table it looks nice but when I get home washed it and clean up it's trash like the lines are wobbly and some of the lines aren't Full lines and the color is a diarrhea color I asked for a green and so I go back there to tell him the next day about the tattoo and he blamed his bad tattoo on my depression and on my sexual assault and I was like wow like wow I just gave you feedback and now you're getting all defensive and blaming my depression and my sexual assault on your bad art that's not my problem and he said stop blaming me and I said I'm not blaming you sir I'm just telling you and being direct that you messed up on my tattoo I even asked you if you were OK to tattoo me and you said yes so I believed you and it's weird that a tattoo artists can get his license or whatever with shaky hands and on top of that for this shitty tattoo he charged me $115 and I basically got my ass robbed from this place so don't go here if you want a nice tattoo and a nice experience because you're not gonna get it and I hope the tattoo artist that I had gets his license revoked or something oh and the artist was flash

    thumb Bobbi G.

      Definitely a good local tattoo shop! Got a couple tattoos here done by Justin and he definitely killed it! He's very welcoming and patient with his customers! People always admire my tattoos and he's totally worth recommending!!

    thumb Mia M.

      Went in as a walk in today to get my nose pierced. Raquel pierced my nose and she did an amazing job! She was super sweet and made sure to make me feel comfortable! I had no idea of where I wanted the piercing positioned so I went based off of Raquel's advice and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be coming back for my belly button!

    thumb Savanna R.
  •   Lucky Van's is awesome. down to earth truly San Francisco people.
    will be back soon.

    you guys rock!

    thumb June C.

      0 stars if could. I went there to get a regular flat back piercing out of my nose. I didn't get other jewelry nor did I ask them to put other jewelry in my nose. JUST TO TAKE THE PIERCING OUT!! The process took nothing more than 3 minutes. The lady charged me $20!!! That is absolutely ridiculous! I believe her name is Raquel or something close to that. I WOULD NOT recommend this place ever ever ever to anybody !!!

    thumb Richelle M.

      Got my first tattoo done, and Dan was super nice and did a very great job on my tattoo. He made sure that he got it perfectly before he started, and definitely cares about his customers. Will definitely go back for another tattoo (2019)

    thumb Katya C.
  •   Went in for nipple piercing and it was a 10/10 experience. The piercer was professional and made me feel comfortable while getting it done. Highly recommend if you are a woman looking for somewhere to get them done.

    thumb Mariah N.

      Went in here for a lip piercing the other day (they do walk ins for piercings, first come first serve) and the piercer was so nice and chill! It was a fast & easy process; they have signs for people who are forgetful of aftercare and things like that which was nice :) I love my piercing and can't wait to get more done.

    thumb Yamilet P.

      Raquel is their piercer and does a good job on it ! Everyone is welcoming and LOVE the vibes they give off ! Definitely going back !

    thumb Bella L.
  •   Came in here for a cute heart on my finger which I was so excited for my very first tattoo and the guy Justin he told me NO NO NO it's gonna fadebut at the same time I didn't wanted my first tattoo to fade so I listened to him :( and then he recommended to do a heart somewhere else don't get me wrong niceee customer service but not for tattoos he fucked it up and is just so ugly  I don't recommend coming here thanks for ruining my first tattoo ever !

    thumb Bea C.