What People Are Saying...

  •   Definitely a good local tattoo shop! Got a couple tattoos here done by Justin and he definitely killed it! He's very welcoming and patient with his customers! People always admire my tattoos and he's totally worth recommending!!

    thumb Mia M.

      Went in as a walk in today to get my nose pierced. Raquel pierced my nose and she did an amazing job! She was super sweet and made sure to make me feel comfortable! I had no idea of where I wanted the piercing positioned so I went based off of Raquel's advice and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be coming back for my belly button!

    thumb Savanna R.

      Lucky Van's is awesome. down to earth truly San Francisco people.
    will be back soon.

    you guys rock!

    thumb June C.
  •   0 stars if could. I went there to get a regular flat back piercing out of my nose. I didn't get other jewelry nor did I ask them to put other jewelry in my nose. JUST TO TAKE THE PIERCING OUT!! The process took nothing more than 3 minutes. The lady charged me $20!!! That is absolutely ridiculous! I believe her name is Raquel or something close to that. I WOULD NOT recommend this place ever ever ever to anybody !!!

    thumb Richelle M.

      Got my first tattoo done, and Dan was super nice and did a very great job on my tattoo. He made sure that he got it perfectly before he started, and definitely cares about his customers. Will definitely go back for another tattoo (2019)

    thumb Katya C.

      Went in for nipple piercing and it was a 10/10 experience. The piercer was professional and made me feel comfortable while getting it done. Highly recommend if you are a woman looking for somewhere to get them done.

    thumb Mariah N.
  •   Its a very good place they give you what you wantThey listen to you I would recommend this place to friends abd family

    thumb Monette M.

      I will never recommend this place to anybody! I asked for a septum and for it to be up. The lady ended up making it too low. I also got a tattoo but the guy messed it up and made it too big. This place is terrible. The "artists" don't even care about how it looks.

    thumb Sza L.

      Went in here for a lip piercing the other day (they do walk ins for piercings, first come first serve) and the piercer was so nice and chill! It was a fast & easy process; they have signs for people who are forgetful of aftercare and things like that which was nice :) I love my piercing and can't wait to get more done.

    thumb Yamilet P.
  •   Raquel is their piercer and does a good job on it ! Everyone is welcoming and LOVE the vibes they give off ! Definitely going back !

    thumb Bella L.

      Great place and cool people. If you are wondering there to get your next tattoo or your first one, this is the place! Hell, I will go with you... I'm ready for another.

    thumb Gretchen L.

      Avoid this place! Unprofessional and it's a shame because last session I had, he was lazy and got angry if I asked to shade stuff HE forgot to shade in! Also have a leg Peice that was suppose to be a garter(wraps around my leg) and I told him from the beginning it's going to wrap around my leg. But since he loves to say "he doesn't have time to finish" my tattoos he kicked me out for his next appointment finishing only one side with a pistol. Next time I came to finish the rest to wrap around my leg he accused me that I did not tell him it'll wrap around my leg when I have several times. He had to do a cover up to straighten it out and it's even a bad cover up! I still paid FULL price because [800] for a bad tattoo. He rushes and his name is flash. So much dumb drama in that place too. I've been to other shops and now and realized how unprofessional this guy was and is when I would have an appointment.it's a shame because I was 21 and thought I found a good place. Regret that I dedicated this guy to do my whole arm because he left me with such a sour attitude to finish coloring my arm and screwed up my leg tattoo garter. Do not come here... seriously! Picture says it all.
    Also not cheap. Been to better places with better prices,service and professionalism, such as actually take the time to do my tattoo.

    thumb Gen G.
  •   So i came here for an impulsive tongue piercing (yes I know I should've planned better). I called this shop and they were the only ones available at the time to do it for me. I went in, and I guess the original person that does the piercing left and so they only had some guy that was fairly new to the job it seemed. He told me he had been working with piercing but did mostly tattoos. Being understanding I kinda went with the flow of things.
    After doing light reading of how tongue piercings SHOULD go I realized he never once looked for veins in my tongue. He asked me to stick out my tongue but due to nervous reasons I was hesitant and rather than tell me to relax and not be ridiculous he kind of just chose a spot to work with and went with it. The piercing hurt like CRAZY, it did not feel like a pinch it felt terrible and I wanted to cry. And then I could feel him get shaky and took an extremely long time to put my jewelry in. Overall I could feel that he wasn't confident with his work.
    I left and lived my life, my healing process was terrible because the bar was in the way, hitting my teeth, causing sensitive gum issues. I figured it was due to the long bar, so I changed it to a smaller on once the swelling went down and it was NOT the bar. He placed my piercing so close to end of my tongue it was completely hitting me teeth and I couldn't eat and it was overall super uncomfortable.
    Then I got a keloid, which is built up scar tissue (which is fine) but it was hurting so bad because my piercing was at such a bad angle it was constantly pushing the keloid and making it larger and it SUCKED.
    I took out the piercing yesterday because I figured I would just go elsewhere. I'm always down for people learning but if you need to review your tongue piercing notes than you should've done that, or at least express that you don't feel comfortable doing the piercing or something! Clearly it wasn't done right and i could tell he knew it wasn't done perfectly..... kind of disappointing to say the keas
    *This is an update*
    After all that being said, I did forget to add that overall this place has really cool people. They are genuinely great at their customer service and all of the employees were nice as all hell. I'm not saying this place is a total drag, if their customers service was terrible as well, I wouldn't be here writing a review it would've been a whole other issue entirely. The piercer reached out to me in regards to my review and apologized and honestly that's all it takes for me. They are good intentioned and learning. I just wanted to leave a review so that in further reference hopefully we're dotting our I's and crossing T's because people's body's matter and should be taken as serious as possible. Always in full support of people learning! Harsh criticism is always the way I go and I hope this doesn't steer people another way. Just be sure to be as knowledgeable as your piercer and if you don't feel comfortable express that!

    thumb Aileen R.

      Great artist and cheap prices the artist was so nice and encouraging he did amazing and I love my tatto

    thumb Sheila C.

      I had an itch to get some work done and came across this place online because they were open late, i gave an idea of what I wanted and jr greeted me and gave me a great rendition of my request, very personable and kept me busy chattin to get my mind off the pain. When he was done I was very pleased with the outcome. I will definitely be back again! Thank junior.

    thumb Joe B.
  •   Junior did my first tattoo here today and I couldn't be any more happy with my experience! He was super friendly and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. I asked for something really simple on my wrist, and it came out cleaner than I imagined. This will be the first tattoo place I come back to when I'm in SF again.

    thumb Karen L.

      My friend and I went in for quick tattoos at good prices and left feeling so reassured that we picked the perfect place(not just cause they have a $50 minimum). Our artist, Justin, was extremely nice and made our experience so enjoyable and comfortable! Everyone there was welcoming and I will definitely come get another tattoo in the future!

    thumb Angela M.

      This place is dope! I got simple line work done but it was affordable and a great experience. All of the tattoo artists were personable & friendly and did their best to make me feel comfortable. I would definitely come here for my next tattoo.

    It's cash only and walk ins welcome. $50 minimum.

    thumb M P.
  •   Came here to get my nose piercing taken out since it was hard to do so myself, Van was really cool. He was very patient with taking the piercing out, and was kind enough to put in an L-shape piercing for my nose since I didn't know how to put it in myself.

    Also gave me advice on how to remove a bubble if it appeared. Would honestly come again if I wanted a piercing just for his patience and kindness!

    thumb CJ R.

      If you are considering a tattoo and prefer to have it done
    By REAL OG style artists that specialize in both black and white as well as color .this is your spot

    Many places use interns & artists that are new to this and just lack the type of experience you  need to produce awesome artwork

    This is a family run operation father son cousins ect and they all Learned from Lucky

    For many of you that are from SF or the Mission and remember Jerry tattoo in the Mission over 25 years ago ...Lucky  migrated from there and set up shop in DALY CITY and I am super glad to have learned this because he did work for me back the. In the 90s and recognized
    His work on my biceps right away ! That's what's up !

    And they also do piercings as well

    What I like the most is they work with any budget so if you bring in your own artwork that's makes it better and they will work with you by rendering  your design and then showing it to you as well as placing the design in the location you prefer so you can see it first in the Mirror

    Then once you say you like it they go to work ! And like I said their will work with any budget ...just tell them you have a certain amount and they can adjust the size according to your budget

    My last 2 tattoos were around $ 150 each ( other spots quoted twice the rate )

    go to LuckyVans ! This shits for Life ! stay away from the rest and fuck with the best !

    Thanks guys see you very soon again

    Mr -NOEL SSF

    thumb Noel G.