What People Are Saying...

  •   Went in for nipple piercing and it was a 10/10 experience. The piercer was professional and made me feel comfortable while getting it done. Highly recommend if you are a woman looking for somewhere to get them done.

    thumb Mariah N.

      Its a very good place they give you what you wantThey listen to you I would recommend this place to friends abd family

    thumb Monette M.

      I will never recommend this place to anybody! I asked for a septum and for it to be up. The lady ended up making it too low. I also got a tattoo but the guy messed it up and made it too big. This place is terrible. The "artists" don't even care about how it looks.

    thumb Sza L.
  •   Went in here for a lip piercing the other day (they do walk ins for piercings, first come first serve) and the piercer was so nice and chill! It was a fast & easy process; they have signs for people who are forgetful of aftercare and things like that which was nice :) I love my piercing and can't wait to get more done.

    thumb Yamilet P.

      Raquel is their piercer and does a good job on it ! Everyone is welcoming and LOVE the vibes they give off ! Definitely going back !

    thumb Bella L.

      Came in here for a cute heart on my finger which I was so excited for my very first tattoo and the guy Justin he told me NO NO NO it's gonna fadebut at the same time I didn't wanted my first tattoo to fade so I listened to him :( and then he recommended to do a heart somewhere else don't get me wrong niceee customer service but not for tattoos he fucked it up and is just so ugly  I don't recommend coming here thanks for ruining my first tattoo ever !

    thumb Bea C.
  •   It took me 30 years to decide what I wanted permanently on my body. My teen did a sketch with a pen on my hand last weekend and that did it for me. I went to get it a few days later and Junior was so considerate because it's my first tattoo (outside of my eyeliner). He took great care and I'm so thankful to have had him for my first non-cosmetic body art. It was something my daughter drew on my hand and I wanted it there forever.

    thumb D. S.

      Lucky Van's Tattoo: tatted by Justin, What I wanted vs what I got.. at "Lucky Van's Tattoo shop" refer by Mr. Lucky, he really fucked up my tattoo, cost me 250.00, Thank God for Street Dream tattoos the guy name Mike fix the mess Justin made now I'm happy

    thumb Denise E.

      I've been wanting a nose piercing for the longest and one day, today, I woke up and decided to get it. My friend recommended me this shop and when I went they were very professional, friendly and cleaned everything that was going to be touched by them/me. The lady who pierced my nose was extremely friendly to me (I assume she noticed how nervous I was hehe) she let me ask her questions about how to clean it and so on. Great place! If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would. FYI if anyone's wondering, no it doesn't hurt. It feels like you're getting a vaccine shot except on your nose. Or at least that's how I can compare it to.

    thumb Lalo H.
  •   If I could give this place 0 stars I would.    I did a walk in hoping an artist was available  and one was Big Yogi You can't miss him, anyhow I told him the artwork I wanted and he went to the back and came up with a good design.  Mind you this  is  7 letters in old English lettering , so no rocket science here.  Anyways, blame me for not saying no.   But the man wanted to charge 700 Dollars for 7 letters.   7 of them.       Don't get me wrong,  i like the design. But Goddam bro, 700. Dollars and the letters aren't even in old english or too much detail to it.    Anyways  you  totally finesed me homey,    shame on you!!!!

    thumb Giancarlo C.

      Junior did my first tattoo here today and I couldn't be any more happy with my experience! He was super friendly and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. I asked for something really simple on my wrist, and it came out cleaner than I imagined. This will be the first tattoo place I come back to when I'm in SF again.

    thumb Karen L.

      My friend and I went in for quick tattoos at good prices and left feeling so reassured that we picked the perfect place(not just cause they have a $50 minimum). Our artist, Justin, was extremely nice and made our experience so enjoyable and comfortable! Everyone there was welcoming and I will definitely come get another tattoo in the future!

    thumb Angela M.
  •   This place is dope! I got simple line work done but it was affordable and a great experience. All of the tattoo artists were personable & friendly and did their best to make me feel comfortable. I would definitely come here for my next tattoo.

    It's cash only and walk ins welcome. $50 minimum.

    thumb M P.

      Came here to get my nose piercing taken out since it was hard to do so myself, Van was really cool. He was very patient with taking the piercing out, and was kind enough to put in an L-shape piercing for my nose since I didn't know how to put it in myself.

    Also gave me advice on how to remove a bubble if it appeared. Would honestly come again if I wanted a piercing just for his patience and kindness!

    thumb CJ R.

      If you are considering a tattoo and prefer to have it done
    By REAL OG style artists that specialize in both black and white as well as color .this is your spot

    Many places use interns & artists that are new to this and just lack the type of experience you  need to produce awesome artwork

    This is a family run operation father son cousins ect and they all Learned from Lucky

    For many of you that are from SF or the Mission and remember Jerry tattoo in the Mission over 25 years ago ...Lucky  migrated from there and set up shop in DALY CITY and I am super glad to have learned this because he did work for me back the. In the 90s and recognized
    His work on my biceps right away ! That's what's up !

    And they also do piercings as well

    What I like the most is they work with any budget so if you bring in your own artwork that's makes it better and they will work with you by rendering  your design and then showing it to you as well as placing the design in the location you prefer so you can see it first in the Mirror

    Then once you say you like it they go to work ! And like I said their will work with any budget ...just tell them you have a certain amount and they can adjust the size according to your budget

    My last 2 tattoos were around $ 150 each ( other spots quoted twice the rate )

    go to LuckyVans ! This shits for Life ! stay away from the rest and fuck with the best !

    Thanks guys see you very soon again

    Mr -NOEL SSF

    thumb Noel G.
  •   Lucky Vans is sooooooooo dope!!!!!
    Wish I would have known about this place 6 tattoos ago! Definitely going back

    Skillz on point
    Conversation on point
    Pricing on point

    ....highly recommended

    thumb Yes M.

      I am extremely disappointed with the service I received here. My tattoo artist's name is Yogi and he was rude and unprofessional. He did not make me feel comfortable. When I left, I noticed he added an extra detail in my tattoo that was not on the photo I showed him. I went in the next day and asked him to add it on the other side to make it even, and it came out even worse than before. It is not symmetrical at all, and he tried to make an excuse about why it wasn't even. He seemed to be in a rush and it did not seem like he cared at all about what I wanted.

    thumb Andrea H.

      Wonderful experience here at Lucky Van's!!!  Flash did an a amazing job on my red dragon tattoo. Will go back for more soon!

    thumb Carmina C.
  •   This place has very personable employees! I have gotten few tattoos on different occasions and man, not only are they funny the are professional too. I recommend a few of them. The artist I have do my tattoo is Yogi, also my piercings. I loooove every one if them!

    thumb Frank N.

      I love how everyone is so welcoming and friendly, they make you feel extremely comfortable right form the door. That's 4 stars worthy alone!

    Safe to say I've had 8 tattoos done by Van!

    I specifically went to Van (the third/ or Jr?) because my sister referred me to him. Mind you, I was coming in for my second and third tatts, nervous and all over the place. I've been contacting Van for about two-three weeks, constant back and forth on changes and figuring out what I wanted and where. First off, he's such a good guy because I bugged him 24/7 and he was always so nice and responds so fast. THANK YOU.

    Finally went in today, personally I think Van was such a easy-going, tattoo artist. He made me feel at ease right away because my tatts placement were in my breasts area -- I think he knew I was nervous so he definitely went easy on me and made a few laughs here and there. I appreciate his patience, honesty, and his light hands.. I didn't feel pain at all and I'm such a cry baby. He made every effort to keep me comfortable and pain free as possible.

    Coming out of here, I felt released. Van does an awesome job relating and talking to you throughout the entire process. I didn't want to leave cause he was cool to talk too! Definitely coming back for more!

    thumb Jazzie D.